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Come read our A to Z guide for more information about the Opera House. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a regular patron, you're sure to find useful tidbits within its pages.

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All lyrics from Final Fantasy Song Book: Mahoroba are now (finally) online!

Tsuki no Akari, a new version of Rosa's Theme of Love from Final Fantasy IV on the DS.

Darkness and Starlight, a more thorough Japanese version of The Opera from the Dark Mages' third album.

<plug>If you enjoy the music from the FF series, perhaps you'd like to take a look at the lyricized songs of the Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) series? It's another site presented by our very own Impresaria.</plug>

made some room in our mess of a basement so our guests can go there to find the lyrics to the final boss theme of FFVII. They do contain a spoiler, and they're tucked away pretty well down there. If you think you're ready, come right this way; we'll take the stairs. I'll come with you.

Table of Contents
(in more or less chronological order, sort of)
FFIII: Eternal Legend of Wind: Final Fantasy: Dear Friends: FFVI:
  • The Opera (in English), featuring Aria di Mezzo Carattere [FFVI]
FFVI: Grand Finale: Orchestral Game Concert IV:
  • The Opera (in Japanese), featuring Aria di Mezzo Carattere [FFVI]
Final Fantasy: More Friends:
  • New! The Opera (another English version) [FFVI]
FFVI: Special and Unreleased Tracks: Final Fantasy: Pray: Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow: Final Fantasy 1987-94: FFVII: FFVIII: FFIX: FFX: FFX: feel/Go Dream: FFX-2: FFXI: FFXII: FFXIII: New! FFIV DS:
Bonus! Phantasmagoria: Bonus! Xenogears: Bonus! Xenogears: Creid: Bonus! Xenosaga: Bonus! Xenosaga Episode II: Bonus! Parasite Eve: Bonus! Legend of Mana: OST: Bonus! Chrono Cross: Bonus! Chocobo Racing: Bonus! Final Fantasy Anime: Legend of the Crystals: Bonus! Final Fantasy Unlimited: Bonus! Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within: Bonus! Square Vocal Collection: Kingdom Hearts: Kingdom Hearts II: Cross My Heart: Bonus!  Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children: New! FF Song Book: Mahoroba: FF: Crystal Chronicles: Bonus! The Black Mages II: The Skies Above: Bonus! New! The Black Mages III: Darkness and Starlight:

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